FASHION COACHING is founded on the psychology theories developed by Alfred Adler. Adler is the father of modern psychology along with the more academic peers of his, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Adler is best known for his work Individual Psychology.

FASHION COACHING is made up of two complementary methods. The INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGY ASSESSMENT which is a questionnaire with 16 questions that requires numerical input. This score tells you how your most dominant Lifestyle motivations blend together, at what ratios.

The second method is the EARLY MEMORIES CONSULTATION. This consultation examines your Early Memories that formed your way of thinking and looking at the world. Every person has a *FILTER* with which they view the events happening to them. And this FILTER forms the core of your personality and lifestyle motivations.

  • Lifestyle P 
  • Lifestyle C
  • Lifestyle S
  • Lifestyle M

P here stands for 'Pleasing & Pleasure Seeking.' This type is motivated by what is pleasurable and fun. They strive hard to be accepted by pleasing others. 

C stands for 'Comfort Seeking.' This type is always looking for what gives them a feeling of comfort and reassurance. They are usually even-keel and only become resistant when their personal boundaries are threatened.

S represents 'Superiority Seeking.' This type strives to be the best in everything and will climb every mountain to get to the top! Think Superwoman! Their primary interest is to win over others and they are motivated by challenges. 

M type stands for 'Management and Control Seeking.' This type is motivated by creating order in their world, asserting dominance and mastery over situations. While they like to be the one in control, they are usually uncomfortable being managed.